Touring caravan insurance is a subject to be approached seriously so as to mitigate the risk of finding yourself out of pocket. It is a risky game to not insure the caravan, despite the fact that caravan insurance is not actually a legal requirement in the United Kingdom. It is a concerning fact that over 3,000 caravans are stolen each year in the UK. This article aims to help you make sure that you are suitably insured in the unfortunate event of damage to or loss of your caravan.

There are two main elements to finding the right touring caravan insurance, they are price and coverage. It can be tempting just to go with the cheapest policy you can find, but this approach may return to haunt you in the event that you have to make a claim, and then find out you are not actually protected for that specific loss. Once you have decided what you need insured, only then should you start to search around for the best value suitable policy.

The key to hunting down the lowest priced touring caravan insurance is to do your research online. It is far easier to locate the information you require when searching for your next insurance by making use of the internet. You will find a whole host of insurance companies on the internet ready to provide you with a wide choice of policies.

Comparing prices is the main way to make sure you get the cheapest price, as with any type of purchase. The chances are that you are paying more than necessary if you don't get prices from several providers. Buying insurance online provides the added bonus of bringing with it money off of the premium. As mentioned earlier you need to be conscious of precisely what you need from a touring caravan insurance policy, as there are several aspects to consider.

There are two main types of coverage, 'new for old' and 'market value', deciding which you want is one of the primary choices you will need to make. If you have a 'new for old' insurance policy and need to replace your existing caravan, it will be replaced with a brand new caravan of the same (or equivalent) range. Commonly you will find the 'new for old' policy is not available for caravans over the age of about 5 years. You will have to buy a 'market value' policy, which would pay out the prevailing market price for a caravan of the same make and age of your current caravan.

Insurance to cover continental trips is another aspect of a policy, and is one for which you should be clear on your needs. If you do take your caravan overseas you should ensure that you have cover for a sufficient amount of time, however if you stay in the United Kingdom then you don't need to spend additional money on insurance for the continent time you will be abroad. The length of time of continental coverage can vary quite widely between one policy and another, so this should be checked.

Be thoughtful when considering cover for your personal items, as a number of things are often not included on insurance for touring caravans. Jewellery is not included among a number of things - electronic devices are another - so you want to have a look at your household insurance to see if that covers it. You need to check what a policy will exclude, see if it is covered on any other of you insurances, and if not then decide if you require an additional insurance.

An eventuality that should be considered is that of alternative accommodation in the event that your caravan were to become uninhabitable whilst you were away in it. Whilst a lot of policies do protect you for this circumstance, you should make sure that the cover is adequate.

There are a variety of ways it is possible to save yourself money when taking out touring caravan insurance. Joining one of the various caravan clubs often attracts discounts on charges. Increasing your caravans security is another means to save money, with tracking devices, alarms and axle locking devices being the main ways to do this.

With a little thought and investigation caravan owners can ensure they get suitable insurance at the best available price. The other choice of buying the first insurance you find means that you could well end up with a wholly inadequate and/or overpriced policy. The benefit that the time and effort will bring you however is that you will havea touring caravan insurance policy that allows you peace of mind.

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